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The Teacher Love Project is a community care initiative that organizes efforts to address the critical issue of teacher wellness as it relates to morale and the direct impact teacher morale has on student achievement. 


Sadly, low teacher wellbeing has been and is still being reported across the US as a wide-spread critical issue.   This is a problem because when it comes to student performance on reading and math tests, a teacher is estimated to have two to three times the impact of any other school factor, including services, facilities, and even leadership. Therefore, students clearly depend on quality teaching for high-level achievement outcomes.  However, the compromised condition of teacher wellness is significantly impacting their ability to provide quality instruction, which is counter impacting our schools and students in a negative way.  Data shows stress and burn-out contributes to educator low wellbeing, low morale, and poor relationships with students.   These factors are causing the quality, performance, and effectiveness of educator professionals to decrease.    Many negative effects of low wellbeing are well-publicized and linked to educator attrition which has led to calls that this very issue be taken seriously for the long-term sustainability of the profession and to the promise of quality education for our youth.  

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The simple solution is appreciation.  However, appreciating others is highly underestimated and not at all prioritized in schools except during one week of the entire year.  Concepts of appreciation, like honor, encouragement, and love, are of the most essential needs to feeling and realizing sustainable joy and wellness.  By an intentional effort to honor, appreciate, encourage, and love educators, participating TLP schools have reported improved measures of wellness and morale among their faculty and staff.  

"A person's greatest emotional need is to be appreciated."

H. Jackson Brown

Author of Life's Little Instruction Book


The Teacher Love Project provides a way to communicate and demonstrate these valueable expressions of esteem through words and deeds, by intentionally aiming to prioritize educators with the goal to enhance their condition of joy and wellness. The action of a kind gesture yeilds the promise of a brighter & more joyfilled future for all.  This belief drives the heart-led offering of the Teacher Love Project. 


For any person who recognizes that educators are a suffering and underconsidered professional group and who are concerned by the bleak reality this situation imposes, you can be part of the solution through the Teacher Love Project.  The project has opportunities for everyone who wants to contribute to changing the present and future of education.  How we participate is based on our personalities and individuality by offering resources, or talent, or time.   The project provides a variety of ways to make a unique and individual offering because we all have something important to contribute to the solution. 



By championing educators in love, lives can be changed for the better and a new and enhanced future can become a promise kept to the next generation. Imagine that.  If you believe it could happen in your community, why not get started today?



Project efforts begin using easy-to-follow resources & supports. Created by educators on behalf of educators, project tools guide how to appropriately engage school leadership, faculty, and staff at various stages of the project. From research-based data points that explain the importance of the project to forming effective business and community support partnerships, to providing examples and templates for hosting events and organizing outreach, The Teacher Love Project tools guide efforts that help realize the mission and vision.

The Problem
The Solution
Get Started
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To see educators indelibly impacted in ways that elevate their wellness by realizing sustainable personal joy and professional fulfillment that fortifies their efforts to ensure higher student achievment outcomes.  


The Vision


To prioritize educators and their wellness by creating and hosting ongoing opportunities that communicate and demonstrate honor, appreciation, encouragement, and love. 

The Mission
The Goal


 Educators across our nation are cared for and encouraged to strengthen thier wellness and the promise of higher achievement

for all students. 

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