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It’s hard to believe that the end of the school year is quickly approaching.  My boys have just seven weeks left before summer starts and while they are super excited, I know for a fact that their teachers are slightly stressed out.  Being a class mom, I’ve made it my mission to try to ease some of the end of year stress for these individuals who have given so much to my kids.

And while I know that there are many ways to do that, I’ve discovered a small way to make a big difference with an Extra® Gum filled Teacher Care Package.

So where did the idea for the fun end of year care package come from?  Well, each day as I spend time at the boys’ school, I see the teachers running frantically from one place the the next.  I hear them talking about just needing a little break.  And I see the weariness in their eyes.  Knowing myself that when kids are around little luxuries are a big deal, I decided there was no better idea to brighten their days than a simple care package.  So off to Walmart I went to find small items that would make a big difference.

After strolling through the store and picking up small bottles of hand sanitizer, chap stick and a few other goodies that I was sure would bring a smile to the teachers’ faces, I found myself in the check out line staring at the gum.  Knowing that this was the one thing that would take my teacher care package to the next level, I was careful in making my selection.  And when my eyes landed on the new Extra® 35-stick pack, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

With 35 delicious sticks of Extra® Gum nestled in durable, recycled packaging, it was the item that I knew would make a big difference in my small kit.  After picking up both the Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice®, I headed home to assemble my care packages in a fun and unique way that was sure to brighten up these end-of-school-year days.

Once I arrived home, I set to work putting together a simple teacher care package that I knew would bring a smile to the faces of the hard working ladies who help raise my kiddos.  To start, I pulled out the clear pencil pouches I had purchased and set to work making them beautiful.  For me, these were the perfect holder for my care package since they can be easily clipped into binders, planners or even stored in desk drawers.  And taking them to the next level was as easy as cutting out a piece of decorative scrapbooking paper and inserting it into the back of the holder to give it a pretty background.

Next, I placed in the items I had purchased including the hand sanitizer to help the teachers keep germs at bay for the remainder of the school year, tissues for those moments when they felt like crying (or even needed to whip little noses) and chap stick because, honestly, chap stick just makes a tough day better.

But I wasn’t done with my teacher care package yet.  In fact, the most important item was still waiting to be added.  As I looked at my bigger packs of Extra® Gum, I knew these were the item that would really make this gift special.  With more gum in each package, they were just right for teacher’s desks, purses, pockets and even cars.  Even better, it was a perfect way for me to Give Extra, Get Extra since the bigger size of 35 sticks of gum would last way longer and fuel way more special moments for these very deserving teachers.

After adding the packs of  Extra® Gum to my teacher care packages, I sat back and took in my work (as I chewed on my own piece of Extra® Gum of course).  I was thrilled that I had been able to put together something so simple yet something that I knew would make such a big difference to the teachers in my childrens’ lives.

And while yes, it was a small gift and in no way equal to what they do for my kids each and every day, this Extra® Gum fulled teacher care package was a perfect daily reminder to the recipients that what they do daily matters.

As an added bonus, since the larger packs have more sticks of gum, I knew this was a gift that allowed me to give more and allowed them to get more, which made it even more awesome.

With my teacher care package ready to go, I sat down and created a simple printable to attach to the front of my teacher care package.  I didn’t want to make it too complicated but wanted a simple way to say how thankful I am for all they do with my children on a daily basis.  After printing out my note (you can print yours here), I used some ribbon to attach it to the bottom of my pencil case, using the holes as an easy way to secure it.

And just like that, my teacher care package was complete.

As my sons headed in with their care packages in hand, I knew that the simple gesture that we were making was sure to make a big difference.  Not only were we showing our appreciation but by including Extra® Gum in the new 35-piece pack, we were ensuring that in the classroom, on the playground or in the parking lot, they had plenty of delicious gum to ensure a fresh finish to a long school year.

As your child’s school year draws to a close, I encourage you to find ways to make show their teachers how special they are.  Start with my simple teacher care package and be sure to Give Extra, Get Extra by including plenty of Extra® Gum!  Then take a minute to check out these fun ideas to help you share a stick with friends, family, teachers and more!

Now that I’ve told you who I’m sharing my Extra® Gum with, I’d love to know how you’ll Give Extra to someone special in

your life this Spring!

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